Cannabis Industry

Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry has seen a boom like no other industry in the US. Although a recession has swept most of america the interest in medical cannabis continues to swell. Its only been in the past decade where medical cannabis first received major attention after California became to first state to decriminalize cannabis for medical reasons. Now over 1/3 of the states in the US have followed suit and enacted similar laws. In allowing this, states have also created safe ways to regulate where and how patients can get their medicine, usually contained in the State’s Attorney General guidlelines for medical marijuana.

All medical cannabis operations are supposed to act and behave as non profits. There is a great demand for this type of non profit because an estimated 3 million patients across the US have exercised their legal rights to use medication that helps them the best. Many favor natural cannabis over manufactured pharmaceuticals. In recognization of this, many Senate Bills have addressed the patients needs to be able to safely and legally acquire such medicine. This is done through the operation of a properly formed and properly acting collective.

The west coast seems to have a proliferation of its states with decriminalization and the east coast is now starting to catch up. To get involved in the cannabis industry as a dispensing collective one must learn and follow all the guidelines set forth from each state. You may read other articles on this site to learn more or if youd like the quickest way, you can enter your email below and we will email you a quick start guide which will also send you tips dailiy. If running a legal dispensing collective does not sound right for you, you can also possibly form several other types of business that can support such non profit organizations.

For example, many have set forward to start websites, promotional and advertising businesses geared towards the medical cannabis industry, ATMS, software for patient records and daily operations, security businesses, electrical businesses, supplies businesses, consulting businesses, literally anything you can think of that would support the non profits, you can most likely make a business out of. This in itself is also a great way to get started in the medical marijuana industry.

The cannabis industry is expected to grow over 400% in the next 4 years and several other key important states are also creating new laws to decriminalize cannabis for medical reasons. It is undoubtedly a very exciting time to see how this industry is forming and unfolding and many ground floor opportunities exist for the discerning person.

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