Marijuana Industry

Marijuana Industry

People everyday hear of others entering the medical marijuana industry and stories of the same people becoming millionaires in a short period of time. Others are fascinated by the opportunity to assist others with a medicine that they believe in. What are you passionate about?

The rush created by the medical cannabis industry has been likened to the gold rush fever that happened back in the 1800’s. You may have seen on television or heard from friends about people who have become millionaires through it. It is noteworthy though that if people have become millionaires through the industry the operations most likely was not set up properly because if it truly was set up as a non profit organization as it is supposed to be there is no way the director could draw a millionaire’s salary. However, set up properly, one can earn a living helping others and reinvesting monies made back into the operation to help serve its patients.

The acceptance of medical marijuana for health has been staggering. Almost one third of the states in the US have recognized this and have made provision through medical marijuana laws. However it is still considered illegal by federal standards which has caused confusion for many. What appears to be the norm however is that operations that are set up properly and acting as true non profits and paying their taxes and serving the community are allowed to remain in operation and receive support from the cities and areas they are in. Dispensaries that are set up to be cash cows to line the owners pockets are quickly shut down and raided. It is good to analyze your motives in wanting to set up and start a dispensary.

Keep in mind also that one does not have to be directly involved in running a dispensary to reap benefits from this industry. There are also numerous ancillary markets that have been created that support the industry. Perhaps you could set up an insurance business, payment processing, construction assistance, security assistance, IT infrastructure, advertising or several other businesses that can support. All this take is creativity and out of the box thinking. Many have become millionaires this way without ever becoming directly involved. Figure out what makes you comfortable and continue to do research and acquire information from good sources.

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