Medical Marijuana Industry

Medical Marijuana Industry

The medical marijuana industry has boomed like no other industry in the United States- All during a recession that has seen other industries flounder!

The time we find ourselves in brings enormous opportunity. It may be hard to understand if you’re not around it or in a state that has decriminalized marijuana for medical reasons, but if you are, you most likely now how the industry is flourishing and the outlook is very optimistic. The laws are still changing and evolving to cater to the needs of patients and to acknowledge the rights of the people and at the same time many people are starting to operate non profit collectives to help these patients and others are opening up businesses to support the growing industry of medical marijuana.

Each state that passes new laws opens up opportunities- currently 17 states have laws that decriminalize cannabis for medical reasons.

Healthcare is always a necessary industry and within the united states continues to be one of the largest. Within a couple years, over 3 million people in the US people will be over 70 years old, and as the quality of life continues to flourish in america more and more baby boomers will live older and older. As people become more educated and knowledgeable about their health options they will be searching for alternative and natural medicines, especially if they have suffered from maladies such as cancer or are in chronic pain. Many people are finding that pharmaceuticals just dont give them the help that they need- or in some cases bring powerful undesired side effects. The potential of the medical marijuana industry will only continue to flourish with new laws being passed and with the patients in the healthcare sector demanding better, more natural alternative to take care of their health.

If you are someone looking to fulfill a need in this industry, it is possible you can start a legal non profit dispensing collective that can safely provide medicine for its members, or possibly you can start a support business that gives aid and supports the operations of such.

The medical marijuana industry is expected to quadruple within the next 4 years. Overall the industry is still just a baby, with the first laws decriminalizing marijuana for medical reasons passing just over 10 years ago. Over a third of the States in the US have also followed suit and many more states have on their ballots this year agendas to do the same.

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