The Marijuana Industry

The Marijuana Industry

The medical marijuana industry has surged since its initial introduction, and in spite of all the controversy and government posturing, has continued to skyrocket to this day. It is an industry where many patients have been given the best health care of their lives with natural remedies in a relaxed and informal atmosphere through local collectives or even delivery services. These collectives and delivery services in turn have flourished and expanded with the patronage of patients seeking alternative, homeopathic treatments for their illnesses.

When it comes to dollars and cents, the marijuana industry has become one of the main saving graces of California’s economy in the recession, and marijuana continues to be it’s greatest money maker, whether medicinal and legal by state law or grown, harvested, and sold illegally for profit. In spite of medical marijuana collectives and cooperatives’ status as non profit organizations, they are still taxed by their respective states, which has served as a boon for the states who have allowed for this medical program.

The marijuana industry has also given rise to an entire new breed of doctors, lawyers, and even manufacturers. There are now doctors who have the credentials for a general practice but have specialized in this field and they fill a new niche. Lawyers have also been spawned in the medical marijuana friendly states who specialize in the state law and federal law in regards to properly establishing and running a medical marijuana collective or cooperative as well as the individual patients who get their medication from these establishments.

Huge amounts of goods have been produced for the marijuana industry; water pipes for medicating, vaporizers for a cleaner alternative to smoke, even special lights and hydroponic equipment for growers of medical cannabis. It has even affected the sale of cigarette paper manufacturers in the states where this industry is supported. The industry has been beneficial for everyone involved; there is a tremendous amount of business being conducted and a tremendous amount of suffering victims of illnesses have access to a medical alternative that seems to help their symptoms more, and some would even say is healthier than, the treatments they would otherwise have access to if not for the cooperation of these states that have allowed for the medical use of cannabis.

States which have enacted legal provisions for medical marijuana, at the time of this writing are: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Delaware, Hawaii, Maine, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington, and though not a state, Washington D.C. Though all of these states have different specifics in their legal code for the medical use of cannabis in the marijuana industry, some of them even will recognize the medical marijuana approved patient status of patients from other states who were approved in these other states.

You can consult a doctor who specializes in the marijuana field to see if your symptoms and illnesses qualify you for medical cannabis by your state’s law. Many of these doctors will consult you for free on this subject. If you are looking to start a collective or a cooperative for medical marijuana, there are many online resources to give you a good start, and legal specialists and consultants who can make sure you have all the knowledge to work at the highest legal standard for these non profit groups.

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