California Cannabis Workers Join Union

California Cannabis

Cannabis Workers Vote “Union Yes, Oakaterdam Workers Have Joined United Food &amp Commercial Workers (UFCW) Nearby five Oakland business, labor, faith communities to form new coalition.


Oakland City Council Member Rebecca Kaplan will join medical cannabis workers at a news conference Friday to announce that staff of Oaklands medical cannabis industry have voted to join the Retail, Statewide Agriculture, Food Processing and Community Patient Care Union, UFCW Local five.


Independent card check verifications lately performed at Oakland medical cannabis facilities certified the UFCW Neighborhood 5 union recognition for these pioneering medical cannabis market workers. Statewide worksite locations include:&#13

Oaksterdam University (Oakland, LA &amp Sebastopol Campuses)&#13
The Patient ID Center (OCBC, Oakland)&#13
The Blue Sky Coffee Shop (Oakland)&#13
The Bulldog Cafe

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