Reveal-All Secrets of Several Top Dispensary Operators

From: Matt Jacobsen

Learn exactly HOW common (and not so common) challenges were overcome with several reveal-all interviews from the most successful and influential medical marijuana dispensary operators. (examples in checklist below)

This 62 page PDF eBook includes in-depth insight from well-known and high profile dispensary operators like Dan Rogers who operates Greenwerkz in Multiple Colorado locations and Steve DeAngelo who operates Harborside Health Center in Oakland, CA. along with several others.

This insight is a must-read for anyone that wants to do the same or that might be considering to invest in or open a medical marijuana dispensary in the current climate.
  • How exactly do new dispensaries get conventional and unconventional funding for their operations, aside from the owners pockets?
  • How the best patients are retained to keep monetary donations coming in to grow the dispensary
  • How to deal with growers (certain things you should always do)
  • How quickly you will start profiting and what to do next
  • How to advertise low-key and how to market your product without lowering your price
  • Why you MUST turn down a certain type of partner
  • Tips on how to make your community LOVE you and develop good relations
  • How to find the best employees (Hint: don't use online classified ads)
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How The Top Dispensary Owners Did It