How To Boost Dispensary Profits by 30% or More

From: Matt Jacobsen

Learn exactly how to maximize your dispensary's profits. You will learn how to increase the amount spent per visit and how to increase the amount of times patients come. One of the most OVERLOOKED ways to boost your dispensary's profits is to add a loyalty program that encourages the actions you want your patients to take. Were you aware that almost 50% of patients WISH that their dispensary had a program like this? This is probably the cheapest and simplest thing you can do right now to significantly boost your dispensary's profits.

This 49-page PDF eBook includes A-Z steps on what kind of cards to use, how to get the cards made, what kind of programs work best and how to implement the program right away. If there's one thing you should be doing for your dispensary, THIS is it.

This insight is a must-read for anyone that wants to see an immediate and sustained increase in their dispensary's profitability. You'll learn:
  • What patient activities to reward and when to do so- from new patient referrals to donations to social media activity to random contests
  • Exactly how cheap these programs are to implement, including low start-up and running costs. (You'll be shocked at how inexpensive this is to do, especially in relation to how much more profitability it will bring. If you can buy this book, you can run a loyalty/rewards program.)
  • Who to go to for the loyalty/rewards program setup that already help other dispensaries
  • Examples of the most successful programs ever ran that you can copy if you like
  • How to get patients EXCITED to come back an extra couple times per month
  • Which rewards you should AND shouldn't offer (some programs you can lose your a** on)
  • How to get your employees to offer the program
  • Which program is best for your dispensary: points cards, general discounts, punch-cards, etc
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How To Boost Dispensary Profits By 30 Percent or More