How To Get Investors For Your Dispensary

From: Matt Jacobsen

There are people literally just WAITING to give you funding for your dispensary if you know where to look. You most likely already know that most financial institutions like banks and government funding programs like the SBA won't touch anything that has to do with a dispensary- but that's OK. You can get better terms anyways using other conventional (and unconventional options most don't realize they can use).

This insight is a must-read for anyone that wants to start a dispensary but needs money to do so.

You'll learn:

  • How much money you actually need and what the money would be used for.
  • What kind of financing you need, how to put together the right legal documents, and how to manage continuing relations.
  • How to communicate the risks and rewards of an medical cannabis dispensary investment without scaring investors off, without lying, and without overhyping the truth.
  • What legal forms you'll need (You'll get sample forms that you can use if you like).
  • How to find and pitch potential investors successfully, which could even include your friends, family, and network of acquaintances.
  • Why not having any money to start can sometimes be the best advantage you have.
  • What exact things a potential investor will want to know
  • Changing your mindset from scarcity to abundance (by learning about and realizing the abundance of options around you at all times).

This is the quickest way you can raise funds for a dispensary even if you don't have any yourself.

This 82-page PDF eBook includes A-Z steps on understanding how micro business finance works, understanding any legal challenges that come with financing and which people will want to invest in your plan. The truth of the matter is that you don’t need an advanced college degree, rich parents, or previous finance experience to raise the funding you need to start a dispensary. You just need drive, ambition, love for the industry and a willingness to succeed- and we'll provide the rest for you.

If you've ever wanted to open a dispensary but didn't have the money- this is it. This is what you need to take the next step.

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How To Get Investors For Your Dispensary