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Start-a-Dispensary is launching a new membership program that’s going to revolutionize you being able to open medical marijuana dispensaries and delivery services in the United States and Canada. Whether you want to do this in a medical marijuana state or one of the two new legal states (CO and WA) you will be at the forefront of everything and learn how.

This will be a full mentoring program. Everything will also be archived on video. You can ask your own questions and get tailored answers. Learn from attorneys, dispensary owners, CPAS, Doctors, and special guests.

When the membership program launches on January 1, 2019, it will be limited to 200 members and will cost $199 a month. If you join now as an early bird you will receive your mentoring at 75% off and pay only $49.99 a month. Remember it will be limited to only 200 members.

Early Bird Signup

If you do NOT have paypal, message support at
support@start-a-dispensary.com and we can create
a manual payment method not using paypal.

What are the general rules in California when selecting a location for a storefront Dispensary with regard to proximity to schools, churches, parks, playgrounds, and places like that?

Which locations in Michigan seem more receptive to medical marijuana?

Can Medical Marijuana Centers in Colorado be done on a for-profit basis?