Colorado Dispensary Laws

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Colorado Dispensary Laws

Of all the states in the US which have decriminalized marijuana for the personal use of people with certain medical conditions, Colorado has proven to be one of the most forward thinking. They have a high concentration of legal marijuana dispensaries, which have acted as a stimulus to the economy. It seems clear that in many states across America, but in Colorado in particular, the legal selling of medicinal marijuana appears to be a boom industry.

Colorado dispensary laws first came into force over ten years ago, in June 2001. In the previous November a vote was passed with a majority of fifty-four percent to amend the state constitution to decriminalize marijuana when used for medicinal purposes. This is known as Amendment 20, and it states clearly what is and is not permitted in state law. For example, people who have specific certified conditions may legally possess up to two ounces of marijuana for their own use only. They are not allowed to use the drug in any public places or in front of any members of the public. Amendment 20 also allows for a certain amount of legal cultivation of marijuana, as somebody who is on the Colorado Medical Marijuana Registry may own up to six plants.

Colorado dispensary laws not only reduced the threat of arrests and fines for the possession, use, and cultivation of marijuana for medicinal purposes, but it also provided many individual entrepreneurs with the opportunity to open their own legal dispensaries. This opportunity was widely accepted, as the large number of dispensaries in operation across the state testifies to. Colorado, perhaps more than any other state, exemplifies the way in which the relatively recent laws regarding medicinal marijuana can generate revenue in a local economy. Individual dispensaries can run as profitable businesses, and since they have to pay taxes the state also benefits.

It is due to these economic advantages that the state licensing board in Colorado has had the foresight to grant as many dispensary licenses as they have. Furthermore, the sustained growth in the industry would suggest that they have no plans to reverse this position. The other major advantage of the Colorado dispensary laws is that the citizens of the state who are in medical need have easy access to supplies of medicinal marijuana. The convenience of this system is of great comfort to them. The Colorado dispensary laws have specified certain medical conditions which would justify the use of marijuana. The approved conditions include cancer, glaucoma, and HIV and AIDS. It can therefore be seen to be extremely worthwhile that the people suffering from these conditions are given pain relief in the form of medical marijuana.

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