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Sweet Seeds are just 1 of the latest Cannabis teams to join the already established, Spanish Cannabis Seed Banks,along with such names as Dinafem and Ace Cannabis Seeds. This progressive Cannabis Seeds Team are growing from strength to strength with every single passing year. With an impressive choice of Expo and Spannabis Cups under there belts, they are now setting about conquering the rest of Europe, and bringing their ‘Sweet Seeds’ to a very receptive Cannabis Community.

Sweet Seeds cannabis Strains fall into two really distinct categories Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds, and the normal Feminised Cannabis Seed variety.

Feminised Autoflowering Strain, which can grow between 1-1.5 metres tall.It produces excellent, compact buds, with a generous coating of resinated crystals. With a fruity taste, and aroma this strain has not lost it’s skunk touch.

One of Sweet Seeds latest Feminised Autoflowering Strains,giving off an exceptional production of tight,big buds covered in abundant, and aromatic resins. These cannabis plants grow among 40-90 centimetres tall. With it is Diesel ancestory, it provides a sweet taste to the palette, leading to an exotic and powerful high.

Feminised Autoflowering Strain. Extremely quickly flowering Cannabis Strain,that grows between 50-80 centimetres tall, producing a excellent yield of crystalised bud. A sweet aroma, with hints of yeast and cheese.

Sweet Seeds carry an impressive arsenal of Feminised Cannabis Seeds,ranging from their heavy Indica Strains, such as the extremely awarded Cream Caramel, and World famous Sweet Afgani Delicious.(S.A.D) the a lot more Sativa Strains, such as, Jack 47, or the Cup winning Sweet Thai. Now Sweet Seeds have added 3 new strains to their feminised Seeds range.

A fusion among 2 high grade Cannabis Strains,Cheese x Black Jack.The genetics highlight the virtues of it is ancestors,giving a new twist to the flavour, and aroma of the Black Jack. This Cannabis Strain produces lengthy, central buds,surrounded by an impressive display of perpheral buds,giving an impressive harvest. For those of you who seek new, exciting flavours and aromas, you will soon discover this plant holds a slight taste of a mature cheese and spices. Regarding the effects,well it does not fail to deliver. This Cannabis Strain gives you precisely what you would anticipate from a mix of 2 heavy Cannabis hitters. Powerful, potent and extremely lengthy lasting, starting with a euphoric high, leaving you with an overwhelming relaxed feeling.

This Indica dominated Cannabis Plant, is a real potent specimen. Exaggerated development of the lateral branches, means this strain packs a yield second to no other. It’s buds are succulent and compact, due to the lengthy calyxes. Whilst in bloom it exhibits a complete range of colours, from green, magenta,red and purple, developing a primary mantle of trichomes within the flowering bunch. A durable strain, with brief internodal distance, and brief thick stems. With an aroma with a mix of mint, and fruit, with a slight flavour of roasted almonds. With a high THC and CBD count, this is a quite relaxing, and robust cannabis strain, with a high medicinal high quality.

The result of crossing two elite clones, White Widow, and Excellent White Shark, which stand alone,as two of the most appreciated, and renowned of the ‘White Cannabis Strains.’ The resulting plant is really simple to grow, it has a excellent,potent impact,with an extraordinary taste. The resulting harvest is of above average weight, with tastes of sweet and sour, and a pleasant aroma. With brief internodes, and resistant structure, this is a firm favourite for all ‘White Cannabis’ lovers.

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