Opening a Dispensary in California

Providing people with ‘medical cannabis’ is illegal under the federal laws of the country, while it may be legal under certain state laws. While the people of California sought to legalize use, cultivation and possession of cannabis (commonly known as marijuana or pot), it is still illegal under federal law. While there have been remarkable developments to change the situation, the federal law has not changed. However with prop 215 and SB420, California law has recognized patients rights to medical cannabis with a doctors recommendation and has made provision for the formation of collectives.

If you’re thinking of opening a dispensary in California, and your primary aim is to make money, it would be wiser for you to reconsider it. There are many other easier ways to earn more money - options which are much safer than opening a dispensary in California. Though some operators may make a fine living, many others struggle financially in this line of work and there is no guarantee of success.

If you’re really keen on it and are wondering about opening a pot dispensary in California, always keep in mind that the organization is dependant on your motives- the real reason as to why you want to open it. If you’re sincere about helping people, your work will show it or else you would just be putting everyone at risk.

Even though state laws may allow dispensing of medical cannabis among members of a collective, it has always been strongly opposed by the law enforcement agencies. However, you would need to inform the police when you about to start opening a dispensary in California- it would be more harmful than good if they find out by some unpleasant surprise since you would be breaking a federal law every time you serve your patients, one for which you can also be jailed.

The most important thing in knowing how to open a pot dispensary in California is to using the proper terminology. To avoid possible lawsuits, get used to calling marijuana (pot) medical cannabis. It doesn’t have the tainted ring to it, with the same meaning.

It is always smart to keep checking with your legal attorney and have him explain the state requirements on Opening a Dispensary in California and keep all the business papers, the licenses close to you. We also provide a free mini course below that can be sent to your email that can help serve as guidelines needed. If you haven’t already done so, it is strongly recommended that you visit other medical cannabis dispensing collectives (pot dispensaries) so that you can see how they operate and see if it is right for you. Additionally you should consider hiring a criminal defense attorney.

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