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Ok, so you’re all excited about starting a dispensary. You’ve heard how much money they are making, you like how laid back it seems, you may even be a big fan of medical marijuana and know a few thing or two about the movement and laws. But where do you begin? How do you actually start a dispensary? Where can you actually turn to in getting solid, unbiased guidance from an honest source where profit is not a main motivation?

First off, let me introduce myself. My name is Matt Jacobsen and I have run up to as much as six different dispensaries at the same time, all in California. I also have friends and a large network that operate their own dispensaries in several of the other pro medical marijuana states and have been involved in the industry for over a decade. I am a patient myself, have had terminally ill friends and family and believe in our inalienable rights to access this wonderful medicine and make it widely available for all who need it.

The benefits and quality of life we have enjoyed would not be the same without medical marijuana and it is up to us to increase awareness, pursue full legalization and allow safe, widespread access for all. Wouldn’t our forefathers who wrote the constitution have felt the same? Our current government has forgot this and has deviated, but as a democracy, we the people have to make our collective voice known.

I have seen this industry grow from smaller humble beginnings to the wildfire it has become today. You see it on the news, you hear it from family, you may even drive past a dispensary on your way to work. Everyone wants to get involved now. And I believe that as many of us that can, should. The more we fight for our rights, the more we push and strive, the more that the legal landscape and attitude will change (and it already is) and one day this great crop will be completely legal and available for all to enjoy its great benefits and quality of life enhancements.

I don’t have my nose to the grindstone deep in running dispensaries anymore. I am now dedicating much of my time now to writing and activism and getting as many other fellow patients and activists involved as I can. I believe we need to have medical cannabis as widely available as possible and realize my responsibility to spread knowledge on how to do this. I have valuable knowledge to give others and can show others how to do this correctly and efficiently.

I have learned everything by myself, but it took me several years and a lot of hassle and headaches to know what I know now and to have done what I did. I have literally spent tens of thousands of hours reading, researching, talking to lawyers, talking to city officials, law enforcement, hospices, making mistakes, learning from mistakes, and figuring out how to do everything correctly.

There is a lot of conflicting advice out there and unless you happen to be a friend of a dispensary owner or have hundreds of thousands to shell out for lawyers and consultants, you are in a limbo zone. To me, that’s not right.

If you were to consult with attorneys, be ready to shell out thousands, and even then they will just give you vague advice and will want you to spend yet thousands more on incorporating through them. How do I know? Ive done it.

If you want to start a dispensary and need guidance from someone who’s already done it, join my free newsletter. I give away free tips and advice and would be happy to help you also. If you need a quicker start, you may want to check out my comprehensive ebook to the right of this page.

Good luck either way!

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