Is Starting a Dispensary Right For Me?

The entrepreneur looking to start a dispensary will all benefit from taking several things into consideration to analyze beforehand whether this is a good fit or not for them and will be covered in this article.

A dispensary that is operated well is great for patients and the community and also for the overall movement to defend patient’s rights to cannabis. A dispensary that is ran poorly, however, is unsafe for patients and neighboring community and will question the integrity of the movement.

Compassion Required

The decision to open a medical cannabis dispensary is an extremely important project that requires compassion. It is takes a lot of diligence, research and hard work to succeed. You need to consider your commitment levels and carefully weigh the risks you’re willing to undertake before you begin this project. There is a lot of information to learn, but if this does not bother you, than the rewards can be great.

Many prospective owners looking to open a dispensary would do better for themselves, the patients, and the overall movement for medical marijuana if they decided against opening a dispensary. Much simpler, easier ways to earn a living exist.

This is an industry that is most suited for people who are committed to being compassionate – and to the cause of defending patient’s rights to medical cannabis. If you are not committed to upholding the spirit and letter of the law and to operate your dispensary in an ethical, responsible and reputable manner, then this line of work would not be a good fit for you. You will do more harm than good to everyone involved.

Need For Reflection Of Your Motives

Prospective dispensary owners need to take an honest inventory of their motives to open a dispensary. Your motives will dictate how your dispensary is and the decisions concerning patients and the community you make. Making bad decisions affect you, the patients, the community, and medical cannabis in general and can carry serious consequences.

If you say that your motives are to be compassionate and genuinely help others, then your actions need to reflect this. Neighbors, city and government officials, and law enforcement can tell when you’re not being genuine. Please take the time to deeply look at your motives and have all the information you need to succeed and do it correctly.

Have a Plan

Please do not be fooled into thinking this is easy money. An entrepreneur wanting to start a dispensary needs to have a solid business plan, be tied into the community in a positive way, and have a very clean background and records.

Kris Krane, another co-author of the See Change report agrees.

The Ideal Candidate To Start a Dispensary

“The ideal candidate to open a dispensary is an entrepreneur who is business-minded and who actually cares about the movement and cares about doing it correctly and can handle a certain degree of risk,” he says. “This industry is very much in its infant stages, and full regulations are not 100% defined yet. Anybody getting involved has to be comfortable with a certain degree of risk, but also needs to be one that can recognize that the long term social cause and financial rewards can be extremely high.”

“For a business owner looking to start a dispensary, start-up costs are going to involve getting through the regulatory structure, which can be quite complicated and quite difficult without the right guidance,” says Krane. ”

Have The Right Tools To Have Success

Learning how to get into marijuana business is easy as long as you have the right tools. If you need further information or tips on anything regarding starting a medical marijuana dispensary, we are here to help. You can get our free dispensary starter newsletter by entering your name and email below and have extremely valuable information emailed to you on a regular basis.

Make sure you know what you are doing, and have carefully thought out to mitigate any risks before you open a dispensary.

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