How To Open a Dispensary in Washington

In approximately the past ten years several states throughout the US have amended their legislation to facilitate a partial legalization of marijuana for medicinal use. Whilst it is still a federal crime to possess the drug, some individual states operate strictly controlled systems whereby medical patients with particular conditions are allowed to possess a small amount in order to ease their symptoms. This has led to a large number of medicinal marijuana dispensaries being set up throughout the United States.

These dispensaries not only provide a valuable service to local medical patients, but they also represent a potentially lucrative business opportunity. For this reason increasing numbers of people are looking to discover what is required to start out in this line of business. As each state has their own specific laws regarding the use of medicinal marijuana, it is important for anybody who is interested in this industry to research their own state’s legal position. The following information relates to how to open a dispensary in Washington.

Put very simply, knowing how to open a dispensary in Washington is the same as for any state, in that every detail of the local legislation must by understood in order to comply with it. A license is required to open and operate a dispensary for medicinal marijuana, and such a license can only be acquired by satisfying certain conditions. As an example, there must be security measures in place to ensure that only people who are medically registered for marijuana use are able to purchase the drug.

In Washington, Chapter 69.51A allows qualified patients and their caregivers to be in possession of a limited amount of marijuana without fear of arrest. However, they are only legally allowed to possess a sixty day supply, which means that a dispensary owner cannot provide them with more than this amount. In addition, before purchasing any medicinal marijuana a patient or caregiver must have a valid written recommendation from a Washington based health care provider. Any dispensary must be seen to be extremely strict in its security checks for it to remain in operation.

As with any business enterprise, opening a medicinal marijuana dispensary in Washington requires financial acumen. It must be run legitimately, and therefore taxes must be paid in compliance with IRS regulations. It may be necessary to obtain a loan for the purchase of premises, in which case a business plan will be essential. In fact, a comprehensive business plan will be required simply to obtain a dispensary license. This will convince local authorities that a businessperson has legitimate grounds for opening a dispensary.

Learning how to open a dispensary in Washington is a complicated process, and one which was be followed meticulously. Due to the sensitive nature of the decriminalization of medicinal marijuana in society, states are often very bureaucratic in terms of how they regulate the operation of dispensaries. The reward for complying with medicinal marijuana legislation, however, is the opportunity to run a business which has the potential to be extremely profitable. Enter your information below for a step by step guide on how to open a dispensary in Washington.

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