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The legalization of the possession and use of marijuana for medical patients in several states across the US has had a remarkable economic effect. Legal marijuana dispensaries have opened up in thousands of different locations, and are providing medicinal marijuana to countless Americans. Many of these dispensaries have become very profitable businesses, and economic commentators have noted that the sale of legal medicinal marijuana is clearly a growth industry.

The beneficial pain relieving qualities of marijuana have long since been known, meaning that people have always used the drug for medicinal purposes. Prior to the relaxing of state marijuana laws and the introduction of legal dispensaries people would have to buy their marijuana illegally from local drug dealers. This was expensive and potentially very dangerous, due to the nature of the people involved as well as the risk of arrest. Unfortunately, this is still the case for people who live in the states which have not yet passed legislation to legalize medicinal marijuana.

In the states which have had the foresight to pass such legislation a medical patient can simply visit their local weed shop to buy a small supply of marijuana. It is a safe and welcoming environment, and has become legitimized so that it offers the same experience as any other retail purchase. The rules for each state vary, but in general a person will have to be registered with their local medical board as being eligible for using marijuana medically. A range of conditions qualify for registration, most notably cancer, arthritis, and glaucoma.

This highlights the fact that a local weed store can be an important addition to a community. Many people who suffer from the types of conditions previously mentioned are in too much pain to travel large distances. Having a weed store situated locally is therefore not only convenient, but also necessary. These local dispensaries have become so popular across the US because they are providing secure, legal access to much needed medicinal marijuana.

Furthermore, there is no question that there is a high demand for these dispensaries. Now that patients have become aware that they can buy marijuana legally to alleviate their symptoms they are registering with their local medical boards in larger numbers than ever before. In Colorado, for example, the Medicinal Marijuana Registry has been inundated with new applications. The removal of legal restrictions regarding the purchase of marijuana has also removed the psychological barriers which some people have regarding the possession and use of what was previously an illegal substance.

Each time a new weed store is opened it will only increase this effect. There is undoubtedly growing momentum for the relaxation of medicinal marijuana laws in the US, however dispensaries are currently operational in fewer than half the states. This means that there is huge potential for further growth in the industry. As more states legalize the selling of medicinal marijuana there will be increasing opportunities for people to open and run their own weed store.

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