Open a Dispensary Checklist

How To Open a Dispensary

Open a Dispensary Checklist

This article will cover several extremely important considerations if you want to open a dispensary. To start a dispensary the following are major items in your checklist that must be addressed. We will offer tips, suggestions and recommendations to assist you in getting off to a great start.

Do you know current laws to make your Dispensary legal?

Federal and state law differ. Even state by state, the law differs. In addition, the legal landscape is changing daily as new regulations and guidelines are established. First off, even if your state has adopted medical marijuana laws enabling patients to use it for medicinal purposes, please know that according to the federal government, medical marijuana is still a no-no. Although minimal and almost non-existent, realize you are still taking a calculated risk if you do not have a plan in place and know how to present your facility.

Steps and options to obtain your non-profit status.

It is highly recommended that and prospective dispensary that is opened be incorporated as a non profit corporation. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you will be working for free, as a non profit allows other ways for its directors to be compensated. You also do not have to spend thousands on a lawyer. There are ways covered in our free newsletter to cut this cost over 90% and still have a lawyer drafted non profit.

Tips on finding the right location.

You cant just open a dispensary right next to the Mcdonald’s down the street. There are specific areas you can and cannot operate in, and you have to keep a certain amount of distance from school and other facilities somewhat similar to what a liquor store does. In addition, even if you find an area that may be kosher you still may have an issue finding a landlord who will let you open a dispensary in his/her property. You will have to know how to approach the landlord and with what information. Many landlords may still be afraid at the idea, but if you are armed with proven facts and can document the success and benefits you will bring as a tenant you can easily succeed.

Direct access to all of the county, city, and state forms and applications needed for your permits and licensing.

You will definitely be spending a lot of time filling out permits and licenses. A business license is just the beginning. You need to ensure you are covered at all jurisdictional levels and there are tricks on how to do this and also on how to fill them out correctly so your applications are not denied.

A detailed cost on all the equipment and inventory needed as well.

It is surely possible to open a dispensary without growing your own medicine but it is strongly advised that you do. Otherwise your profits will be cut into quite deeply and the medicine will not have quality control unless you spend additional funds in getting it lab tested. If you have never grown medical marijuana before it is not like growing a plant in your backyard. Marijuana has very specific growth cycles and needs, demands certain conditions and needs a lot of attention and care. That is why it costs as much as it does. If one thing goes wrong or if there are mites, mold or not enough humidity, your entire crop can be spoiled. Don’t let this happen. Know exactly how to grow it and what you need to do it, or at least know how and where you can get the medical marijuana you need to offer patients.

If you are contemplating opening a dispensary, do yourself a favor and enroll in our free mini course right now and get additional tips and answers.

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