Weed Business

In recent years great media attention has been focused on the fact that there is a growing number of marijuana dispensaries in operation throughout the United States. Marijuana has been decriminalized for personal medical use in states such as Colorado and California, and the dispensaries represent a safe and reliable source of the drug for many people. The media seems to be particularly interested in the fact that the sale of marijuana has been converted from a seedy black market activity to a legitimate, mainstream enterprise which generates a substantial amount of tax revenue.

In short, the weed business is booming. It has been referred to as the green rush, as the number of people who have successfully opened their own legal marijuana dispensaries has been astounding. There are many more who are in the process of doing so. Each year more people apply to their state licensing board for a dispensary license. It seems very likely that more states will begin to relax their laws relating to medicinal marijuana, which will undoubtedly result in an even greater and more rapid growth in this sector of the healthcare industry.

At present, increasing numbers of businesspeople are opening their own dispensaries. The growth of the weed business can be seen in the fact that in California alone there are over fifteen hundred dispensaries in operation. Each is seen as a very valuable service provider in their local communities. The amount of people who require marijuana to ease the symptoms of various conditions means that there is a regular and sustained demand for the product. The weed business works on a principle of supply and demand just as any other business does. As an indication of the demand, in Rhode Island alone there are approximately three thousand two hundred people who are registered to use medicinal marijuana. It can be imagined that added to this figure are many more who are eligible but not yet registered, and across the entire country this represents a huge number of people.

There is a sensation that what is being seen just now in terms of medicinal marijuana is just the beginning. The weed business has the potential to generate a lot of money in the economy. The number of people who are registered to use medicinal marijuana is only going to increase as awareness levels rise. Furthermore, once other states see the successful dispensaries which are in operation in surrounding areas the pressure will mount to make marijuana legal for medicinal purposes across the United States. Once that happens dispensaries will be found in most major towns and cities, and the weed business will be completely legitimized.

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