Opening a Dispensary in Colorado

How To Open a Dispensary

Opening a Dispensary in Colorado

People get sick, and it is one of those things in life that we just have to deal with. The severity of the illness however can affect which types of medication we use and where we get them from. It is the population’s new interest in their health and well-being that has recently seen a significant increase in medical marijuana- especially in colorado, which is why now is as good a time as any to open a dispensary in Colorado.

If you were to open a dispensary in Colorado there are many things you need to take into consideration; amendment 20, business plans, applications from the department of health of Colorado, and a good criminal defense lawyer.

Seeking advice on how to open a dispensary in Colorado is the best place to start. Any expert would suggest that you carefully research amendment 20 before deciding that you will provide any medical marijuana to legal patients in Colorado.

In 2000, amendment 20 was created to legalize the use of marijuana for medical purposes in the state of Colorado. The amendment stated that marijuana was to be authorized for medical use for any person who might be suffering from an illness that weakens them, as long as they hold a valid permit and identification document to prove that they are using the drug lawfully.

The main issue here is the legality of supplying people with marijuana, but as the amendment clearly states, it is legal for those that need it and can provide proof from a qualified physician that they are to be recommended the substance.

The subject of supplying marijuana can still be a little controversial, despite its new legal status in Colorado. That is why opening a dispensary can seem like an ambitious venture, but as long as all the legalities are taken into consideration and all laws are adhered to, there should be no problem.

The dispensary building itself has to meet these regulations, so ensure that if you are to open a dispensary in Colorado that you have picked a good contractor that understands the code he has to adhere to.

Help yourself by preparing and covering all legal aspects of opening a dispensary before you begin. Make sure your rental property landlord is happy with its future use, get the business licenses you will need, work out a good security system and be prepared to keep a record of your sales and revenues for the department of revenue of Colorado

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