How To Open a Dispensary in Arizona

Opening a dispensary in Arizona to distribute medical marijuana to qualified patients can be a lucrative and rewarding project. Following are some general guidelines on how to open a dispensary in Arizona. Once you’ve read, enter your email below and get our free email course sent to your box to get further detailed instructions.

The first thing you need to do when you are opening a dispensary is to first be a qualified medical marijuana patient yourself and then register with the state department of health. You will need to go through the proper channels and register your Nonprofit Medical Marijuana Dispensary. You will have to pay an application fee and then submit an application to the Arizona state department of health. Once an application has been submitted the Arizona Department of health, they have 90 days to review your application and approve it and will then issue the dispensary an identification number.

You will need to include a few things in the application to be approved and certified to begin running. You will need a name, the address of the business, the town or area your dispensary will be located, and birthdates of anyone who will be a registered agent/officer of the nonprofit. All of the officers of the dispensary must be twenty one years of age or older.

Make sure that the location you have chosen does not have zoning procedures that will prevent you from opening in the area. Make sure that you are in compliance with all zoning laws and that you have a statement that says so. Opening in an unincorporated area may alleviate many of these issues. Before you are approved for your application, there will be numerous background checks on the operators of the dispensary. If anyone has been convicted of a felony they cannot be an officer of a dispensary. You will need to be certain that you have proper security for your business, and that you keep excellent records of all activities and patients that come through your dispensary.

Medical Marijuana is new in Arizona so it is recommended to submit your application and other necessary documents asap.

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