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16 states have passed legislation that protects the owner and proprietors of legal medical marijuana dispensaries, provided that they follow the laws regarding location and collective distribution. Like any business, the proprietors of these dispensaries are required to have a valid business license and be registered through the state.

  • What can you do to protect yourself when you open a legal dispensary?
Your first step is apply for a business license, seller’s license, and a state tax ID number. A seller’s license is required for any person or business to sell medical marijuana, a business license is needed for any business to open in the state of California, and any business required to collect sales tax, and dispensaries do fall into that category, are mandated to show proof of their tax ID in a place where customers can view it.

Also, check with your municipality, city, village, or county about any additional restrictions they might place on legal dispensaries. Often there are zoning laws and permits that must be obtained before you can open your business. You will also need to secure a location at least 600 feet away from any school, to remain in accordance with state laws. Though there are many hoops to jump through to open your legal dispensary, following these steps will make it much easier for you.

  • Obtain a seller’s license to open a legal dispensary
  • Apply for and get a business license
  • Apply for and receive a state tax ID
  • Check with local zoning laws
  • Obtain any zoning permits and exceptions, as needed
  • Find a storefront a minimum of 600 feet away from the nearest school
While this might seem like a lot of work to be done, you can file for some of the licenses and permits simultaneously, though you should file for a tax ID number last, to make sure you have secured all the necessary permits for your legal dispensary. Even though you might hear about a dispensary being shut down, it is usually for not having their business properly licensed through the state or for failure to comply with state regulations, seldom is a legitimate legal dispensary closed down for any reason.

Being able to obtain legal and safe medical marijuana becomes a hardship for many patients that have a recommendation from their physician for this substance, but are not located near legal dispensaries to help them obtain their medicine. Though long been thought of as a drug, for many, medically necessitated marijuana is a blessing in pain relief and can help them in their fight against one of the most invasive diseases – cancer.

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